Mark Henry  

Mark Henry

Alexandrite was once reserved exclusively for royalty. Today it is considered an important heirloom and a fantastic investment gemstone! One of the world’s rarest and most exotic gemstones, mysterious Alexandrite is prized for its natural ability to dramatically change color

Discovered in the Ural Mountains of Russia in 1830, Alexandrite was named in honor of Czar Alexander II at his coming of age celebration.

Famed for its natural ability to dramatically change color. From vibrant mossy green in daylight, to alluring raspberry red in the evening. A true miracle of nature!

Alexandrite, known as the original June Birthstone, is also a beloved anniversary gem known to stimulate passion and prosperity!

Alexandrite – One million miracles to make this dream come true!

Mark Henry utilizes only the finest quality material to create heirloom jewellery. Their pieces are sure to become your most prized possession as only the best Alexandrite, premium diamonds and 18k gold are used to create Mark Henry’s timeless treasures.

The Mark Henry Collection features a complimentary Certificate of Authenticity, Appraisals and a Lifetime Guarantee to assure quality.

This vacation visit Jewels & Time, Jamaica’s only Mark Henry Authorized Retailer, to experience the world’s rarest jewelry Collection and become one in a million.

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